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Ranunculus Aviv Mix

Plant Size: 6/7
Delivery period: Delivery within 4-6 working days
Package Content: 15 bulbs/roots

Product Description

Ranunculus Aviv Mix

Ranunculus (buttercup) Aviv Mix (Ranunculus (buttercup) Aviv Mix) belongs to the buttercup family. It will become a real asset to your garden.


The amazing flowers of this plant are 5-7 cm in diameter and are very similar to roses when the buds open, and in full bloom to small double poppies: white, red, orange, yellow, pink, crimson shades. An adult plant reaches a height of 30-40 cm and has deeply dissected leaves. Several flowers bloom on each stem.

Ranunculus grows best in a sunny place (or in partial shade). It likes fertile, well-drained soil. This plant is not hardy. Due to their bright colour, these flowers immediately attract attention. They are odourless.

Once you plant these flowers, they will decorate your garden with bright, lush blooms for a month in the middle of summer. This plant comes from the east and was brought from Turkey to England in the 16th century.

Product Details

Ranunculus Aviv Mix
More Information
Price per package€3,95
Plant Height35-40 cm
Plant Size6/7
Flower ColourMulticolor
Leaf ColourGreen

How to Plant

Ranunculus Aviv Mix

Guide and tips for planting papaver plants

  • Choose the planting location: Papaver plants prefer full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. Avoid planting in areas with standing water or where the soil remains soggy after rainfall.

  • Prepare the soil: Loosen the soil and remove any weeds or debris from the planting area. Amend the soil with compost or organic matter to improve the soil's fertility and drainage.

  • Dig a hole: Dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the roots of the plant. The hole should be slightly wider than the spread of the roots.

  • Place the plant in the hole: Carefully remove the plant from its container and gently loosen any tangled roots. Place the plant in the hole and backfill with soil, making sure the crown of the plant, where the roots meet the stem, is level with the soil surface. Press down firmly to eliminate air pockets.

  • Water the plant: Give the plant a thorough watering after planting to settle the soil around the roots. Continue to water the plant regularly to keep the soil evenly moist until the plant becomes established.

  • Mulch the plant: Add a layer of organic mulch around the plant to help retain moisture and suppress weed growth. Keep the mulch a few inches away from the base of the plant to prevent rot.

  • Monitor the plant: Keep an eye on the plant's growth and water it regularly as needed. Papaver plants generally bloom in late spring to early summer and may require occasional deadheading to encourage continued blooming.


Ranunculus Aviv Mix

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Package Content: 15 bulbs/roots
Plant Size: 6/7
€1,98 €3,95
Ranunculus Aviv Mix
Ranunculus Aviv Mix

Ranunculus Aviv Mix