Crown (Coronet Tulips)

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Crown Tulip Bulbs – a New Class in the Garden Classification of Tulips

In 2018, a new class of tulips was added to the garden classification of tulips – crown tulips (Coronet Group). As of the beginning of 2020, 13 varieties are included in this class. The color scheme of varieties from this class of tulips is very diverse – there are white, pink, red, purple flowers with different shades. Among the existing varieties, two varieties have a two-tone color. A variety of colors and unusual shapes make crown tulip bulbs popular among the gardeners.

Crown Tulips Description Crown Tulip Bulbs

Crown or coronet tulips have a unique structure of perianth elements (petals). They are leathery, strong, and deformed. Their teapot spout-like petals make the bud look like a crown. The reason for the unique structure of the crown tulips is a mutation.

What Are the Best Crown Tulip Bulbs Varieties?

Among the best crown tulip bulbs varieties can be distinguished the following ones:

  • Elegant Crown;
  • White Liberstar;
  • Striped Crown.

Where to Buy Crown Tulips?

There are a lot of online stores offering crown tulip bulbs for sale on the Internet. Choose a reliable store to buy crown tulips of the best quality and create a wonderful garden near your house.