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Double Late Tulips

Double Late Tulips
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Double Late Tulip Bulbs for Your Garden

Double late tulips are one of the most popular groups of tulips in the world. They are good both for single and group planting. The double late tulip bulbs can also be planted in the containers on the balcony. Their strong peduncles hold huge, variously colored flowers for 2-3 weeks in late spring.

Late Double Tulips Blooming Time

If you wonder: “When how long do double late tulips bloom?” - the following information is for you. Late double tulips usually bloom in May. Some varieties open up in the first weeks of May, and the rest of them bloom in the second half of the month. Lush flowering of late double tulips differs in duration – under favorable conditions, you can see the flowers bloom up to 3 weeks.

Characteristics of the Best Double Late Tulip Bulbs Varieties Double Late Tulip Uncle Tom

Here are the characteristics of the best double late tulip bulbs varieties:

  • Tulip Ice Cream: The Ice Cream variety is very original because it is two-colored: an unopened bud consists of internal white petals, half-hidden by external bright pink ones. The tulip is low, 30-40 cm.
  • Tulip Bull’s Eye: It's a beautiful two-tiered tulip. The unique flowers are placed on strong long peduncles up to 45 cm high. They bloom in the middle of May. The duration of flowering is up to 3 weeks.
  • Tulip Pink Star: It's a late-blooming pink tulip of the double late tulips class. The height is 45-60 cm.

Where to Buy Double Late Tulips?

Nowadays, the Internet is full of online stores offering double late tulip bulbs for sale. Use the services of only reliable stores to buy double late tulips of the best quality. You can also buy a mix of double tulips to make your garden even more beautiful.