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Fringed (Crispa Tulips)

Fringed (Crispa Tulips)
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Popularity of Fringed Tulip Bulbs

One of the first spring flowers are tulips. Plant breeders have created many types of tulips that differ in the shape of buds or petals. One of the most beautiful flowers are those with petals that have the fringed edges. That's why fringed tulip bulbs are so popular among the gardeners.

Fringed Tulips Description

Most often, fringed tulips are tall - up to 80 cm. The buds of fringed tulips have a classic goblet shape. But there are also varieties with double flowers.

If you want to know how to care for fringed tulips, the following information will be useful for you. Bulbs are better to dig out every year. June is the best period for digging. During growth, especially during the flowering period, plants need a lot of water. Watering should be regular and abundant.

What Are the Best Fringed Tulip Bulbs Varieties? Fringed Tulip Bulbs

Here is a roster of the best fringed tulip bulbs varieties.  They will help you to create the most beautiful spring garden.

White fringed tulips: Snow Crystal, Honeymoon, Signature;

Red fringed tulips: Calibra, to Holland, Barbados;

Purple fringed tulips: Crispion Sweet, Blue Heron, Vincent van Gogh;

Pink fringed tulips: Dallas, Kingston, Gorilla.

Where to Buy Fringed Tulips?

You can buy Fringed tulips and other varieties of tulips in the online stores. Today, there are a lot of stores on the Internet providing Fringed tulip bulbs for sale.  Thoroughly study the main page of the online store before you order the bulbs or seeds from it. Use the services of only reliable stores. Always study the clients’ reviews to get a notion about the store’s services.  Use only qualitative bulbs from the trustworthy stores to make your garden look fantastic.