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Lily Flowering Tulips

Lily Flowering Tulips
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Lily Flowering Tulip Bulbs for Your Spring Garden

These elegant flowers with the beautiful buds resembling a lily are the best decoration of a spring garden. Therefore, the lily flowering tulip bulbs have been popular for many centuries. The buds of these tulips have an unusual lily-like shape. The tulips have different colors: white, yellow, red, pink, plum-purple, and bicolor.

Lily Flowering Tulip Bulbs

Lily Flowering Tulips Description

Lily flowering tulips are one of the few classes in the number of varieties and types. The average height of the tulip is 50-60 cm. The sizes of the buds are different – there are large types, and there are small ones.

The following information will be useful for those who want to know how to care for lily flowering tulips, planting steps. You should plant the bulbs of lily flowering tulips in autumn immediately after purchase. These tulips like sunny areas, but they also grow well in penumbra. They prefer fertile water-permeable soil. When planting the bulbs, organic fertilizer must be added to the soil.

What Are the Best Lily Flowering Bulbs Varieties?

Here are the best lily flowering tulip bulbs varieties. Among the red-colored lily flowering tulips, the scarlet tulip Aladdin with a soft yellow rimming, and dark red tulip Maytime are the most preferred. Snow-white tulip Ballerina with fragrant orange flowers is very popular among the flower growers.

It's also great to use tulip lily flowering mixed bulbs to make your garden colorful and bright.

Where to Buy Lily Flowering Tulips

It’s not difficult to find the lily flowering tulips. There are hundreds of online stores offering lily flowering tulip bulbs for sale. Choose a trustworthy store to buy lily flowering tulips of the best quality. Carefully study the main page of the online store before you make an order.