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Phlox plants can be either annual or perennial and belong to the Polemoniaceae. The plant produces showy flowers in early, mid, and late summer. The vibrancy created by these flowers is irresistible, making it feel sinful not to grow some for your summer bloom.

You can have a phlox flower in any colour regardless of whether you want it for an event, gardening, or decorating your patio. The flower does exceptionally well in zones 4-8 and can grow up to 5 feet. The most common phlox species are:

P. Paniculata

It is also called the garden phlox. This species grows upright and is ideal for planting for cut flowers.

P. subulata

The species grows short and can also be creeping, creating a mat-like appearance. It is also called moss phlox, mountain phlox, or moss pink.

Phlox Plant for Sale

When to Plant Phlox

To get the alluring bloom that the phlox flowers create, you have to know when to plant phlox plants. The plants do not perform the same when grown at different times. But, when it is frosting, do not plant your phlox. Ideally, you should plant them at the beginning of spring in your pots or garden.

Also, you can germinate them indoors 2-4 weeks before winter is over. When ice clears, transfer them to your garden for early blooming. For blooms throughout the summer, plant your phlox at different times, approximately 10 days apart.

Phlox for Sale

Looking for phlox for sale? We deliver healthy phlox plants for a gorgeous flower garden during summer. Visit us today and get a variety that makes your garden truly represent your character.

How to Plant Phlox

After deciding to plant phlox to make your summer colourful and knowing when to grow them, it is now time for planting. Here is how to plant phlox:

  • Buy phlox plants that have not been infected by diseases or attacked by pests. Ensure they are large to enjoy large and attractive blooms.
  • Prepare your garden or pots for plant transfer or direct planting. Your soil must be well-drained and should be adequately watered and free from weed.
  • Ensure the cut side of your plant faces up when planting, and you have enough spacing to allow proper spreading when the flowers start blooming. It also allows your plants to breathe.

Phlox Plant Care

Once you plant your phlox flower seeds and start germinating, start caring for them to ensure they remain showy as they should. Ensure they are getting enough sun and water throughout. To avoid thinning, fertilize your plants with organic manure or a soluble fertilizer.

Cutting the flower stems of P. Paniculata when winter starts, and removing the dried flowers and coloured leaves are also included in phlox plant care. When these are done, your phlox flowers bloom continually for a prolonged period than when this care is neglected. Divide your phlox plants when they start getting crowded.

What to Plant with Phlox

If you are wondering what to plant with phlox, there are various options available. P. subulata can be planted with other tall-growing perennials. This combination gives your garden a continuous and beautiful colour from the ground.

Our phlox flowers for sale come in both creeping and tall varieties. Your gardening imagination can only be limited by what you do.

So, what does a phlox flower look like? Phlox flowers are star-shaped and have long, sharp leaves. They come in different hues such as blue, white, pink, lavender, purple, and more.

You may wonder “where can I buy phlox?” We have quality phlox plants, and you can place your order with us for a successful gardening project. Our store is easily reachable and swift to respond to your inquiries. Try us today for an exciting gardening experience.

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Phlox

When do phlox plants flower?

The flowering time of phlox plants varies depending on the variety and location. As a rule, however, they flower in summer and offer a spectacular display of flowers that beautify the garden or balcony.

Which Dutch phlox varieties do you offer in your online shop?

In our online flower and plant shop, we offer a selection of phlox varieties, including summer phlox (Phlox paniculata) and creeping phlox (Phlox subulata), in various colours and sizes.

Can I buy phlox plants in your shop?

Yes, you can buy phlox plants in our online shop. We offer a wide range of phlox varieties that can be conveniently ordered online.

How do I care for Danish phlox plants?

Phlox plants are relatively easy to care for. They prefer a sunny to semi-shady location with well-drained soil. Regular watering and fertilising during the growing season are important. Cut off faded flowers to prolong the flowering period.

Can I grow phlox plants in a pot or in the garden?

You can grow phlox plants in the garden bed as well as in pots or window boxes. Make sure you provide the right soil and sufficient space for the respective growth.