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Pollen Free Lilies

Pollen Free Lilies

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Is It Possible to Find Pollen-free Lily Bulbs?

Flowers growers from the UK have introduced a new variety of lilies that do not produce pollen. Now, allergy sufferers can plant the pollen-free lily bulbs without being afraid to get an allergic reaction.

Pollen-free Lilies Peculiarities

British botanists claim that when creating pollen-free lilies (these hybrid lilies don't have anthers or have the underdeveloped anthers), the most common technologies and no genetic modification are used. The first variety of pollen-free lily was the "Summer Breeze" lily. The flowers are as beautiful as usual ones; the difference is that they have the shrunken anthers unable to produce pollen.

What Are the Best Pollen-free Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

Easy Salsa lily is one of the best pollen-free lilium bulbs varieties. The height of the plant is about 100 cm. The diameter of the flower is 12-14 cm; its petals are bright orange. Lily blooms in late June or the first half of July.

Where to Find Pollen-free Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

If you want to buy pollen-free liliums, you can do this at our online store. We offer the best pollen-free lilies bulbs for sale. Buy only qualitative bulbs and seeds to create the most beautiful garden!