Turkish Cap Lilies

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Why Are Turkish Cap Lily Bulbs So Popular Among the Gardeners?

Turk's cap lilies are popular among gardeners and landscape designers. Intensive flowering, the unusual shape of the peduncle, minimal requirements for growing conditions contribute to a high demand for Turkish cap lily bulbs. The buds are medium-sized. They can be any color: from white or yellow to rich orange, pink or purple.

Turk’s Cap Lilies Description

Turk's cap lilies are the tall plants up to 1.5 m high with whorl-like leaves and numerous (up to 20 or more) small flowers that form long brushes. A distinctive feature of this variety is the curved petals. These lilies bloom from the end of June for three weeks.

What Are the Best Turkish Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

The following lilies are among the best Turkish lilium bulbs varieties:

  • Black Prince;
  • Rosalinda;
  • Irish Cream.

Where to Find Turk’s Cap Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

You can find the best Turk’s cap lilies bulbs for sale at our online store.  To buy Turkish cap lilies, visit the site of our store and make an order. Plant turban lily and create the most beautiful garden full of fantastic flowers.