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Upfacing Lilies

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Upfacing Lily Bulbs for Your Garden

Lilies are a real garden decoration. Today, their variety is so huge that they can delight the gardener from the end of June to mid-September. Upfacing lily bulbs are very popular among the gardeners because they can add charm to any garden.

Upfacing Lilies Description

Upfacing lilies have upward-pointing flowers of cup-like shape, reaching 14 cm in diameter. Their colors are red-orange, spotted. The flowers bloom in mid-June. The plant reaches 120 cm by the end of summer.

What Are the Best Upfacing Lilium Bulbs Varieties?

The following lilies are among the best upfacing lilium bulbs varieties:

  • Fashion;
  • African Queen;
  • Stargazer

You should plant different varieties of lilies to turn your garden into a colorful paradise.

Where to Find Upfacing Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

If you are looking for the upfacing lilies bulbs for sale, we can help you. Our online store offers the best lilies bulbs at moderate prices. To buy upfacing cap lilies, you should perform some simple steps. Open the website of our store, choose the lilies bulbs, and make an order. We sell only qualitative products to make your garden the most beautiful.