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WAX Amaryllis

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What is WAX Amaryllis?

Amaryllis (shouldn't be confused with hippeastrum) is a plant with the beautiful large flowers placed on a tall, almost leafless stem. It's one of the most favorite flowers among the flower growers.

Nowadays, WAX amaryllis has become popular. It's a fantastic find of Dutch flower growers. They came up with the idea of sealing the flower bulbs in wax, providing the plant with all the necessary nutrients for the entire flowering period. This WAX flower is an excellent gift that will be remembered by anyone for a long time. After all, you will not need to water, feed, or provide any other care to this plant.

Amaryllis Bulbs in Wax as a Gift

Such a flower gift looks very impressive, even when the amaryllis bulbs in wax have not yet started to grow. As a rule, it includes a set of "sleeping" bulbs coated in wax of different colors: orange, pink, green, and so on. These flower bulbs dipped and covered in wax look like multicolored light bulbs. Giant amaryllis in wax bulbs will always cheer you up.

Some Recommendations on How to Take Care of an Amaryllis in Wax

If you want to know how to take care of an amaryllis in wax, the following information will be useful for you. All you need to do is place the plant in a warm room without drafts, where it will get the sun's rays. No water is needed. If you want to slow down the growth of the plant, you can place it in a cooler and less lit room. The amaryllis' bloom is in the last days of summer – the first days of autumn.