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Why to Buy Wholesale Amaryllis Bulbs?

Modern varieties of Amaryllis are variously colored and, as a rule, have large bell-shaped flowers of various shades from pure white to dark crimson, purple, and even green. There are varieties with very unusual double and striped flowers. You can buy wholesale Amaryllis bulbs of different colors to decorate your house and garden.

Wholesale Amaryllis Description

Wholesale Amaryllis is a decorative and beautifully flowering plant. The bulb of Amaryllis is smaller than that of wholesale amaryllis bulbsHippeastrum — only about 6 cm in diameter. Amaryllis leaves are dark green, up to 40 cm long; they appear after flowering. The Amaryllis peduncle is up to 50 cm long; the inflorescence has 3-12 flowers.

Amaryllis is characterized by funnel-shaped perianths with pointed petals. They are large -10-15 cm in diameter. The flowers are fragrant; they have various shades - from white to purple. The plant blooms in late summer and early autumn. Amaryllis is often grown in the garden.

Amaryllis adapts to the soil and takes root so quickly that with good care at home, it can produce a flower stalk in the first year after planting. Still, it will be better not to allow the plant to bloom. The fact is that a lot of resources are spent on flowering, and it will be better if the flower retains its strength for active growth.

Where to Get the Wholesale Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

There are a lot of online stores offering wholesale Amaryllis bulbs for sale. The most important thing is to find a trustworthy store that provides the flower bulbs of a high quality. Our online store offers the best flower bulbs, including the wholesale Amaryllis bulbs. To buy wholesale Amaryllis bulbs of a high quality and at moderate prices, skip to the website of our store.