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OT Hybrid Lilies

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Why are OT Hybrid Lily Bulbs So Popular?

OT-hybrids of lilies are often found on gardeners ' plots.  OT hybrid lily bulbs have gained popularity due to the variety of colors and shapes of flowers, and the height of the stem. Moreover, they are frost-resistant.

OT Hybrid Lilies Description

A characteristic feature of OT hybrid lilies is considered to be a high and strong stem; a large flower is located on it. It reaches 25 cm in some cases. The shape of the buds is funnel-like. There are lilies of both multicolor and monochrome colors among the OT hybrid lilies. Red, orange, yellow, and pink shades are the most popular among the gardeners. Gorgeous, high OT hybrids will be the centerpiece of any flower bed.

Where to Find OT Hybrid Lilies Bulbs for Sale?

It's recommended to buy OT hybrid liliums only in verified horticultural stores or at reliable online stores that have the products of a high quality. Our online store offers the best OT hybrid lilies bulbs for sale at affordable prices. We sell only qualitative bulbs. Make an order and turn your garden into a real paradise full of fragrant lilies!