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Fragrant Begonias

Fragrant Begonias

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Look no farther than fragrant begonias for a plant that will brighten up your landscape with brilliant blossoms while filling the air with a pleasant aroma. These plants are simple to cultivate and care for, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes. In this post, we will introduce you to the lovely world of fragrant begonias and show you how to cultivate them in your own yard.

What are Fragrant Begonias?

Fragrant begonias are a collection of begonia species and hybrids that produce fragrant blooms. Depending on the cultivar, the aroma may vary from sweet and fruity to peppery and musky. Tuberous begonias, which produce huge, spectacular flowers that mimic roses or camellias, are among the most fragrant. Angel wing, cane, and rex begonias are other aromatic begonias with lovely leaves and tiny blooms.

Popular Fragrant Begonia Varieties

Begonias are popular ornamental plants known for their attractive and colorful foliage, as well as their beautiful and fragrant flowers. There are some popular fragrant begonia varieties.

Angel Wing Begonia

Angel wing begonias are called from their wing-shaped, speckled or variegated leaves. They produce clusters of miniature blooms in pink, red, white, or orange hues. The blossoms have a faint citrus aroma, which is stronger in the evening. Angel wing begonias are simple to cultivate in pots or hanging baskets, both inside and outdoors.

Cane Begonia

Cane begonias are similar to angel wing begonias, but they have thicker stems that resemble bamboo canes. They also have wing-shaped leaves and small flowers in various colors. The flowers have a spicy fragrance that is stronger in some varieties than others. Cane begonias are ideal for growing in pots or baskets on a sunny windowsill or patio.

Rex Begonia

Rex begonias are grown mainly for their stunning foliage, which can have various patterns, colors, and textures. They have small flowers that are usually white or pink and have a mild fragrance. Rex begonias prefer bright indirect light and high humidity, so they are best suited for terrariums or greenhouses.

Tuberous Begonia

Tuberous begonias have the most fragrant blooms of any begonia, as well as the biggest and most stunning. The flowers may be single or double and come in a variety of colors and forms. Depending on the cultivar, the aroma might be fruity, flowery, or spicy. In colder locations, tuberous begonias are often cultivated as annuals, although they may be overwintered inside as dormant tubers.

How to Grow Fragrant Begonias

Fragrant Begonias

Fragrant begonias are a popular choice for gardeners who want to add a sweet scent to their outdoor space. Here are some tips for growing fragrant begonias:

  • Fragrant begonias prefer well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. They like bright but filtered light, as direct sun can scorch their leaves and flowers. They can tolerate some shade, but too little light will reduce their flowering and fragrance.
  • Fragrant begonias need regular watering to keep the soil moist but not soggy. They also benefit from monthly feeding with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Avoid getting water on the leaves and flowers, as this can cause fungal diseases.
  • Fragrant begonias can be propagated by various methods, depending on the type. Angel wing and cane begonias can be propagated by stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. Rex begonias can be propagated by leaf cuttings or division. Tuberous begonias can be propagated by division or by planting the tubers.
  • Fragrant begonias need some pruning to keep them healthy and compact. You can remove dead or damaged leaves and flowers regularly. You can also pinch back the tips of young plants to encourage branching and business. For tuberous begonias, you can cut back the stems to about 4 inches after flowering.

Caring for Fragrant Begonias

Fragrant begonias are beautiful and unique plants that can add a touch of elegance and scent to any garden or indoor space. There are some tips that can help you grow and care for this flower.

Fragrant begonias are susceptible to some pests and diseases that can affect their growth and appearance. Some of the common problems include mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, thrips, powdery mildew, botrytis, and root rot. To prevent or treat these issues, you can use insecticidal soap, neem oil, or fungicide spray. You can also improve the air circulation and drainage around your plants.

Fragrant begonias have different winter care needs depending on the type and climate. Angel wing and cane begonias are evergreen and can be grown indoors as houseplants in winter. Rex begonias are also evergreen, but they may go dormant in low light conditions. Tuberous begonias are deciduous and need to be stored as tubers in a cool and dry place in winter. You can dig up the tubers after the first frost and let them dry for a few days. Then you can store them in paper bags or cardboard boxes filled with peat moss or vermiculite.

Fragrant begonias will bloom more profusely if you provide them with the right conditions and care. Some of the factors that affect their flowering and fragrance include light, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, and pruning. You can encourage blooming by giving your plants enough light but not too much heat. You can also increase the humidity around your plants by misting them or placing them on a tray of pebbles and water. You can feed your plants with a high-phosphorus fertilizer every two weeks during the blooming season. You can also deadhead the spent flowers to promote more buds.

Fragrant begonias may need to be divided and transplanted every few years to keep them healthy and vigorous. You can divide your plants in spring or fall when they are not in bloom. You can use a sharp knife or scissors to cut through the roots and separate the clumps. You can then replant the divisions in fresh soil and water them well. You can also transplant your plants to larger pots or new locations if they outgrow their current space.

Fragrant Begonias for Sale

If you are ready to add some color and scent to your garden, check out our selection of fragrant begonias for sale. We have a wide range of varieties and colors to suit your taste and style. Whether you want to grow them in pots, baskets, or beds, we have the perfect fragrant begonia for you. Order online today and enjoy our fast and reliable delivery service.


With their beautiful blooms and delightful fragrance, fragrant begonias are a must-have for any garden. They are easy to grow and care for, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you choose the angel wing, cane, rex, or tuberous begonia, you will be rewarded with a stunning display of flowers and scent. Follow our expert tips to grow and care for these lovely plants and enjoy their beauty all season long.