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Christmas Amaryllis

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Why Are Christmas Amaryllis Bulbs So Popular?

Fresh flowers create a special mood on holidays such as New Year and Christmas. Some decorative indoor plants have acquired the status of Christmas plants all over the world. Christmas amaryllis bulbs are especially popular among the flower-growers. Buying the Amaryllis flower bulbs as a Christmas gift for your relatives or friends, you will provide them with a festive mood for a long time.

Christmas Amaryllis Description

Amaryllis is a perennial plant of the Amaryllis family. Straight narrow leaves of dark green color are arranged in pairs Christmas Amaryllis Bulbson the stem and reach a length of 50-60 cm; their width is 3 cm. Amaryllis can have three stems at the same time, each of which will have from 4 to 12 flowers with a diameter of 10 cm. Their color can be pink, lilac, red, or white.

The bulbs selling season opens at the end of October. You can buy a Christmas Amaryllis bulb in an elegant gift box or already planted bulb with a flower stalk, or even flowers. With proper care, you can grow a beautiful plant that will delight you during the festive days. The variety of Amaryllis flowers allows satisfying almost any taste. Amaryllis plants (don't confuse them with Hippeastrum) are also perfect for festive floral arrangements.

What Are the Best Christmas Amaryllis Bulbs Varieties?

Among the best Christmas Amaryllis bulbs varieties can be distinguished the following ones:

  • Amaryllis Christmas Gift;
  • Amaryllis Merry Christmas;
  • Amaryllis Christmas Star.

Choose the plant you like the best, which will bloom and delight you during the holidays.

Where to Get Christmas Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

You can find the best Christmas Amaryllis bulbs for sale at our online store. Visit our official site to buy Christmas Amaryllis bulbs at affordable prices.