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Striped Amaryllis

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Why Are the Striped Amaryllis Bulbs So Popular?

Amaryllis (don't confuse it with a hippeastrum) is a southern plant that is popular among the flower growers for the brightness and lush flowers. This flower can please you even in winter. The main thing is to follow all the Amaryllis care rules and know the peculiarities of this exotic plant. To decorate your house, plant striped Amaryllis bulbs.

Striped Amaryllis Description

Amaryllis is a bulbous plant of the Amaryllis family. One plant can have up to 6-12 flowers, and the length of the leaves can reach 60 cm. The color of the flowers depends on the variety, as well as the flowering period. Striped Amaryllis has large flowers; each petal has stripes. The homeland of these plants is South America. To make the flower bloom profusely, follow the Amaryllis care rules. Amaryllis blooms in late summer and early autumn. The plant delights us with its beautiful flowers for up to 25 days; after that, they wither and fall off. However, flowering can be induced artificially at any desired period.

What Are the Best Striped Amaryllis Bulbs Varieties?

Amaryllis Minerva is one of the best striped Amaryllis bulbs varieties. Moreover, you can grow the plants of different colors: Amaryllis red and white striped look gorgeous and please us with its lush flowers.  You can also grow Amaryllis double striped if you like voluminous flowers.

Where to Get Striped Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale?

You can find striped Amaryllis bulbs for sale at the online stores. Our online store sells only the qualitative products. If you want to buy striped Amaryllis bulbs, visit the official site of our store. We will help you to grow the fantastic flowers on your window sill and in your garden.