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Exotic Amaryllis

Exotic Amaryllis

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Exotic Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale

If you are looking for a stunning and easy-to-grow indoor plant that will brighten up your home with spectacular flowers, look no further than exotic amaryllis bulbs. These tropical beauties come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and they will reward you with weeks of gorgeous blooms in the winter. Here are some reasons why you should choose exotic amaryllis bulbs for your next indoor gardening project.

Why Choose Exotic Amaryllis?

1. Growing and planting exotic amaryllis bulbs is really simple. A pot, some soil, and water are all that are required. They can flourish in a sunny window or a bright area indoors and dont need any particular maintenance or fertilization.

Exotic Amaryllis

2. Amazing blossoms from exotic amaryllis bulbs will astound you with their beauty and variety. You can pick from a variety of exotic amaryllis varieties with distinctive shapes and colors, such cybister, butterfly, or star. While some of them have large, flat petals that resemble the shape of a star or a butterfly, others have long, slender petals that resemble spider legs or orchid blooms. Deep reds, soft greens, copper, dark pink, creamy white, burgundy, chartreuse-green, and raspberry are among the colors; stripes or pops of opposing color are sometimes included.

3. Exotic amaryllis bulbs offer long-lasting blooms that will brighten up your home for weeks or even months. Each bulb usually produces two or more stems, each with four to eight flowers. The flowers open one by one, creating a succession of blooms that last for a long time. You can also cut the flowers and use them as fresh bouquets or arrangements in your home.

4. Exotic amaryllis bulbs are great gifts for your friends and family. You can surprise them with a potted exotic amaryllis bulb that will bloom in their home, or you can give them a bare bulb that they can plant themselves. Either way, they will appreciate your thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Caring for Exotic Amaryllis

Exotic amaryllis bulbs require some maintenance to guarantee proper development and flowering, but they are not very difficult to care for. The following advice will help you take good care of your exotic amaryllis bulbs before, during, and after flowering.

Exotic Amaryllis Bulb Care

  • Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the bulb, with drainage holes at the bottom. Fill the pot with well-drained potting soil, leaving about an inch of space at the top.
  • Plant the bulb in the soil, with the pointed end up and the bottom half exposed. Water the soil lightly around the bulb, but not over it.
  • Place the pot in a warm and bright location, away from direct sunlight. Water sparingly until the first signs of growth appear, then water more regularly as the stem and leaves develop.
  • When the flower buds start to show color, move the pot to a cooler and less bright spot to prolong the blooming period. Avoid drafts and temperature fluctuations that may cause bud drop or wilting.
  • After the flowers fade, cut off the flower stalks near the base of the bulb. Do not cut off the leaves, as they will provide energy for the next blooming cycle.
  • Move the pot back to a sunny location and water regularly until the leaves turn yellow and die back. Then stop watering and let the soil dry out completely.
  • Store the pot in a cool and dark place for at least two months to allow the bulb to rest. Do not water or fertilize during this dormant period.
  • After two months, check the bulb for signs of new growth. If you see green shoots or roots emerging from the bulb, it is time to repot it and start the cycle again.

Exotic Dutch Amaryllis

Dutch exotic amaryllis are among the most often used varieties of exotic amaryllis bulbs. Expert growers in Holland choose only the top kinds for quality and performance while growing these bulbs. Large flowers, vivid colors, and sturdy stalks are all characteristics of exotic Dutch amaryllis bulbs. The following are a few of the most exquisite exotic Dutch amaryllis varieties:

Amaryllis Bogota: This gorgeous cultivar boasts star-shaped, deep red flowers with slender petals that are dusted with bright red and coral. The stems that support the up to 5 inch diameter flowers are 18 to 24 inches tall.

Amaryllis Chico: This award-winning variety has chocolate-brown and pale green spider-like flowers with incredibly long filaments. The flowers are up to 6 inches across and are held on chestnut brown stalks. The exotic shape and exquisite colors of this variety make it a wonderful pot plant.

Amaryllis Exotic Star: This fascinating variety has graceful, orchid-like flowers with chartreuse-green petals and a dark raspberry throat. The petals are delicately striped with rich maroon as if hand-painted. The flowers are up to 6 inches across and are produced on 20 to 24 inch tall stems.

Exotic Star Amaryllis

Another type of exotic amaryllis bulbs is the exotic star amaryllis. These bulbs have broad, flat petals that form a star shape, often with a contrasting center or edge. Exotic star amaryllis bulbs have a striking and dramatic appearance that will add a touch of elegance to your home. Some of the most attractive exotic star amaryllis varieties include:

Exotic Amaryllis
  • Amaryllis Apple Blossom: This classic variety has soft pink petals with a white center and a green throat. The flowers are up to 8 inches wide and are carried on 18 to 24 inch tall stems.
  • Amaryllis Red Lion: This bold variety has bright red petals with a white star in the center. The flowers are up to 8 inches wide and are borne on 18 to 24 inch tall stems.
  • Amaryllis Picotee: This elegant variety has white petals with a thin red edge and a green throat. The flowers are up to 8 inches wide and are held on 18 to 24 inch tall stems.

Exotic Butterfly Amaryllis Bulb

A third type of exotic amaryllis bulbs is the exotic butterfly amaryllis bulb. These bulbs have curved, overlapping petals that resemble butterfly wings, hence their name. Exotic butterfly amaryllis bulbs have a delicate and graceful look that will charm you with their beauty. Some of the most lovely exotic butterfly amaryllis varieties include:

  • Amaryllis Papilio: This unique variety has green and burgundy petals with white stripes and spots. The flowers are up to 6 inches wide and are displayed on 18 to 24 inch tall stems.
  • Amaryllis La Paz: This stunning variety has red and green petals with white stripes and spots. The flowers are up to 6 inches wide and are shown on 18 to 24 inch tall stems.
  • Amaryllis Emerald: This exquisite variety has pale green petals with dark green veins and a white center. The flowers are up to 6 inches wide and are presented on 18 to 24 inch tall stems.

Where to Buy Exotic Bi-Color Amaryllis

You are in the proper place if you want to get rare bi-color amaryllis bulbs. We have a large range of premium bi-color amaryllis bulbs from exotic regions that will astonish you with their exquisite hues and shapes. Exotic bi-color amaryllis bulbs contain petals that are at least two different colors, resulting in a stunning contrast and attractive appearance.

Exotic amaryllis bulbs, as you can see, are magnificent plants that can add delight and beauty to your house. They are simple to cultivate, produce beautiful flowers, endure a long time, and make excellent presents. You will not be disappointed with these tropical jewels, whether you pick exotic Dutch amaryllis, exotic star amaryllis, exotic butterfly amaryllis bulb, or exotic bi-color amaryllis.

Simply explore our online catalog and choose the kinds you want to get your exotic amaryllis bulbs from. We will promptly dispatch your bulbs to you, together with thorough instructions on how to plant and care for them. Dont miss this opportunity to enjoy the beauty and elegance of exotic amaryllis bulbs in your home. Order today and get ready to be amazed by these tropical wonders. You will not regret it!